Welcome to Domic, the premier holiday home in Noosa, Australia’s best beachfront address.

This breathtaking six bed, nine bath home of expansive shell like domes, is gently yet boldly recessed into the natural landscape on the edge of Noosa National Park and world-famous Sunshine Beach, Queensland. The home sets a remarkable and exciting new benchmark in sophisticated seaside relaxation.

Domic (of having domes) is the vision of renowned international hemp industrialist Evgeny Skigin, whose uncompromising passion and drive for sustainable living is reflected in the home’s use of leading architectural and landscape design, technology and innovative eco-friendly building materials.

With gracious interiors, elegant decor, and a stunning location, Domic, even at a glance has it all:

Domic at Sunshine Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Build Cost $24 million AUD, Almost 1 Hectare, 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 7 car parks, commercial standard cinema, and so much more with views to the blue Pacific Ocean and uninterrupted access to the Noosa National Park.

About Evgeny Skigin

Thank you for visiting Domic. It truly is a place of Domes. Throughout my career, I’ve strived to acknowledge the need for living sustainably. It’s a passion that has helped me build a world class industrial hemp business and which has now allowed me to build a sustainable luxury holiday home like no other, in perhaps one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Industrial Hemp is changing the way we think about everything from food and fibre to oils and building materials worldwide.

Domic uses Hempcrete in its construction. It’s a lightweight but strong and durable material made from hemp that absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) during its growing period and sequesters it further over many years of its curing process, allowing for carbon absorption for years after its installation.

Having a very low to nothing carbon footprint,  in my opinion, gives Domic license to gently adjoin the wondrous and pristine Noosa National Park, right here in Queensland Australia.

Evgeny Skigin


Leading Architectural and Landscape design
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